Automation systems: customers, suppliers and partnerships

Visit the world of FreTor and discover our philosophy. We are a leading company in the production of automated robotic equipment, vision systems, assembly line and robotic islands because we apply the same accuracy, professionalism and attention both in the production than in the selection of suppliers and partners.
Customers: our business is focused on the design and construction of plants, robotic equipment, automatic machines and lines, and we work for international leading companies in the eyewear industry, the electronics field, the plastic moulding  sector, the pharmaceutical and the automotive industry. Our standard client (small, medium or large sized enterprise) consults us to have an effective answer to their needs. Eg. increasing the production, decreasing the incidence of hand labor on the product, checking the quality processes, and more.
"We use our expertise for the process, the customer takes care of the product."

We are especially appreciated for our ability to offer innovative and simple ideas, but also for our availability, our versatility and for the expertise of our team. These are the reasons why we don't just give a solution, but we become a real partner of our customers helping them during the different steps of the project: the preliminary draft, the designing of the plant's layout, the planning of the departments, the production monitoring, etc.
Partnerships: We work as partner with Universities and Research Centers in Italy for the development of innovative projects in the medical, aerospace and prosthetic sectors.

Suppliers: We are partner of many leading brands and we are connected with our suppliers in a very strict network. In this way we can guarantee the highest level of technology to our customer.

Would you like to become our partner? Contact us for the details.