The Innovation Lab

Technological innovation in the automation of plant and machinery

We know that the best test of a theory is its application, so we need a place for our ideas: the Innovation Lab was born as an answer to this require. It allows us to experiment, create prototypes and explore the potential of innovation technology in the industrial automation, starting from the ideas, clues and needs of our customers.
The I-Lab, therefore, was created  to share with the customer projects, values, strategies, analysis, technologies, methodologies and tools to support the various problems of the industry of automation and robotics. This is the mission: making innovation, connetting skills and needs, creating new opportunities for share advices, tools, services and everything we call innovatitive.

Automation equipment and special machine tools

The I-Lab develops and creates automation systems, prototypes, testing equipment and special machine tools that offer new ways of processing and guarantee an high quality of production.
Our LAB works to create a solution for different needs:
  • Special shaping molds for silicones
  • External polishing of sunglasses' lenses
  • Work spaces with "lean" desks
  • Cutting's lenses machinery that accelerate the cycle of the assembly
  • Assembling VES tube (biomedical equipment)
  • Tests and simulations for the customization of vibrating feeders
  • Tests to solve static problems between devices
  • Robotic system for packaging and logistics with artificial vision system
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