Industrial automation technologies

Automation equipment, mechanical parts and much more

Due a lot of experience we have done in different fields we have increased our know-how in the industrial automation technologies: we have a very wide range of solutions that we provide to our customers. That's why we feel ready to face with any challenge that the future will propose us anticipating it with perfect timing.
For providing a complete and efficient service and being able to find the best technology solutions for our customers, FreTor offers a range of services that make it a reliable and highly competitive partner in the field of robotics, automation and precision machining.
Our services include:
  • The preliminary study of new products
  • The design of automated equipment
  • The robotic automation's costruction
  • The production of mechanical parts
  • The maintenance and after sale service
Our approach is customer-oriented and therefore, really customized. Our technological solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of customers: the design of new automation systems, the modification of a machine to improve its performance, the construction of artificial vision systems, the study of new assembly lines or robotic automation solutions, etc.

We don't just build machines or robotic systems: we want to improve the production performance of our customers, and that's why we focus on the client's needs to find the most effective solutions.
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