Preliminary draft

Consulting service, products engineering and co-design

Our consulting service provides a very synergic approach with the clients, we offer a co-design of the product, starting from a thorough understanding of their needs: in full compliance with discretion and secrecy we study the company, the products and we also analyze the needs of their final customers.
We observe your needs from the production point of view (people, layout, maintainability, product quality, etc.) and we propose different solutions to reach the best concept for you (path of discovery / benchmark). After that, we move to the next step: the development and the engineering of the project to get the perfect solution.

More than the special machineries: the product industrialization

FreTor realizes and tests customized special plants and machines, involving the customer as much as possible. Our consulting service is designed to support the client to make the product advanced on the market and to guarantee the product industrialization. Having an excellent network of suppliers it's very important for us at this step: they give us the latest of their products and the best technological solutions they worked with.
The preliminary draft has different steps
  •      Identifying needs and goals of the client
  •      Study and analysis ("brainstorming") of the different issues
  •      Analysis of the components and materials
  •      Implementation of the initial project with 3D CAD
  •      Debate with the customer
  •      Construction of mechanical components and purchasing commercial parts
  •      Assembling the components
  •      Software and electrical installations
  •      Final inspection with client
  •      Installation and training course
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