Robotic Automation

Assembly lines, machine vision systems, robotic surgery

The term robotic automation identifies the automation technology that uses control systems to manage machines and  processes, reducing human intervention. This technology is commonly used for performing repetitive or complex  tasks which need security and precision, or simply for added convenience. FreTor uses the robotic automation in four main sectors: Automotive, Medical, Eyewear, General.

Automotive plants: assembly lines and machine vision systems

In this sector we produce plants, production lines, test equipment and assembly lines for assembling, testing and controlling components for vehicles.

  • Assembly line systems for automotive connectors: they are systems for the assembling of connectors and other components in preprinted shells supplied by the client. They control the tolerance of insertion and verify its integrity.
  • Testing equipment for vehicle's lights: testing machine designed to check for the headlights or the tail light functionality.

Medical robots: capping machine, robot islands and robotic surgery

Our company designs and manufactures robotic systems, high-tech assembly plants and medical robots, that respect the clean rooms regulations. Both the materials and commercial components are certified. The projects are owned by FreTor, but they can also be of our customers as final manufacturers. 

  • Capping machine for test-tubes: a system implemented to meet the client's request for having a constant closing with a specific "strength".  This installation allows to standardize and improve the quality of the work.
  • Couvette inspection system: the plant is part of a press machine for plastic materials. It does 27 checks through a vision system that detects flaws and imperfections.
  • Medical robot for laparoscopic surgery: it is a solution for robotic surgery technologically advanced, which allows it to operate simultaneously at 3 different spots of the same patient. The project was designed to find application in a pluritrauma, or in an intervention with suture of blood vessels.
  • Assembly plant tubes with printing bar code and Datamatrix.

Solutions for the eyewear industry: plants for the glasses' processing

We have developed many systems for speeding up the realization of the models, eliminating the human errors and reducing waste. You can find  more details about these eyewear machines on the Automation for Eyewear section of this website.

General: robot manipulators and machine vision equipment

In addition to the areas listed above, FreTor has carried out industrial robots, assembly lines and machines for: 

  •      Key insert machining 2768
  •      Automated work handling system 3283
  •      Assembly hinges 3052
  •      Assembling filters 3026
  •      Plastic mould control on-board systems
  •      Assembling botton on the metal ring for spray cans
  •      Assembling cap and plastic jars for the pharmaceutical industry

FreTor therefore achieved robotic and automation systems, high-tech plants, robot manipulators, machine vision equipment and assembly lines starting from the design of the customer respecting the highest industrial secrecy. Contact us for more information.