robotic systems and MACHINES designing

Engineering of automation systems and industrial robots

Building special machines, automation systems and industrial robots is an art and the designing is the most important phase. Our specialized technicians and our engineers follow the philosophy of co-design: they analyze the needs and the ideas of the client and they design "tailored" projects deliver "turnkey"machineries.

Teamwork is very important in this phase in order to build something innovative, unique, versatile and at the right cost. Sharing a wide range of proposals and experiences, we'll get the right solution. This is the heart of our engineering service.

3D Industrial Design for a high quality result

The 3D design and renderings allow to evaluate the whole project virtually, offering the possibility to give shape to the ideas. This preview allows to see the size of the product, the arrangement of the workstations, avoids any possible construction errors before the final realization.
Our engineering's deparment uses the best 3D CAD technology and specially developed software such as Autodesk, Inventor, Think Design, Ige Xao. About the design consultancy our team is able to interface with the internal procedures and standards of our client's.

Would you like to know more about the engineering and designing service? Do you have a project about a machinery or a robotic system and are you looking for a reliable partner to realize it? Contact us.