Frame processing machines

Machines for the processing of eyeglasses' components

The line called Frame includes a set of advanced machines for processing the eyeglasses' components: they drill and process the acetate, perform the desired planing of the plastic bars, bend the frames and the sidepieces, insert the screws or heat the finished eyewear. The Frame Line is composed by standard eyewear machines for the processing of frames and bars, designed for managing by themself or inline.
Frame 1 & Frame 6 - Bending press
Frame 2 - High frequency heater 
Frame 3 - Rotary Heater
Frame 4 - Quartz Heater
Frame 5 -  Sidepieces bending machine
Frame 7 - Ultrasonic hinge inserting machine
Frame 8 - Cnc planing machine for sidepieces and frames
Frame 9 - Semi-automatic screwing machine
Frame 10 - Calender for sidepieces.
Frame 11 - Core temple shooting machine

Custom eyewear machines and tools

To reply to specific processing of frames and sidepieces, in addition to our standard equipments, we satisfy our customers' needs creating custom machines and tools. We cooperate in the design and the construction of the new solution, paying heed to all aspects of the production and ergonomic process.
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