Industrial automation for eyewear

Manufacturing of automated production lines

The considerable know-how we acquired into robotics and industrial automation in many different sectors (medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.) allows us to develop plants, machines and  automation solutions for eyewear industries. For this reason, recently we have developed a special service of design and construction that develops machines and automated production lines for the processing of the eyeglasses.

Introducing an automated machinery or system in the eyewear factory is the best opportunity for improvement the production. It brings new technologies and more skills, but we know that a new method of production in a company is a serious change and commitment for everyone involved (we did it in our enterprise). For this reason we immediately involve all employees and we use their expertises for the enhancing of the project. We put all our passion to give you constant support and motivation. 

These are some examples of industrial automation for eyewear industry.

Automated system for contouring and finishing sidepieces

Sidepieces' production: industrial robots and monitoring cameras

This automated system contouring and finishing the sidepiece follows a dxf file and it's composed with industrial robots and monitoring cameras that allows to realize a sidepiece (encapsulated and convex) through a milling process of a semi-machined bar.

Anti-fake machinery for lenses

Automated robots and computer vision systems

This is an example of the industrial automation applied on the eyewear industry. Our anti-fake machinery for lenses is a modern and advanced system for monitoring and control the products, it's made up of automated robots, computer vision systems, laser marking device and pad printing machine. It features with a self-learning system that allows the processing of countless lens models.

Do you need more information about the industrial automation solutions applied on the eyewear sector that our Engineering depatment offers to the custormers? Contact us.