Research and development

Advanced solutions for the machining of eyeglasses components

We think that research and development (R&D), specially in the eyewear sector, means working closely with the suppliers to learn more about the latest automated technologies available on the market: in this way, we can test new solutions and the most recent systems on our machines and equipment before we deliver them to the customers (Innovation Lab). The construction of an automated plant or a system for the machining of eyeglasses components is a challenge for us and this is why we always try to develop new functionality and features, never proposed before. 

New eyelgasses machinery and special equipment: our philosophy

The relationship with the customer provides a "long term partnership": many innovative systems and solution developed in our plants for eyeglass processing can be patented and this possibility is always highlighted to the customer and he can decide whether to do it or not. At the same time, and in any case, we do not propose the same model of machine or plant to a competitor of our client.

A case study by FreTor: automation for an eyeglasses plant

It was 2008 and we were in a small company to propose automation solution for the processing of the eyeglasses' sidepiece. The client's need was to increase productivity, reduce scraps and minimize the overall hindrance (he needed more space and human resources to install new lines and machinery). Observing the activity together, supported by the deep operational expertise of our client, we realized that only an automation system (which includes several phases of work) could restructure the working area, preserve the highest quality of the production and allows the best use of human resources.
We shared our proposal with the client trying to highlight how an automation system was an opportunity for the professional improvement for all and, also, the only solution that consider the need to strengthen the production capacity in Italy while keeping intact the spirit and the quality of craftsmanship. 

Now the eyeglasses plant works on three shifts with our remote monitoring and ongoing support of our technical operators by remote assistance.