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Brovedani Group

Since 1947,
your global partner in facing
the challenge of multiple technologies.

Since 1947, your global partner in facing the challenge of multiple technologies, from the design and construction of special production machinery to the mass production of precision mechanical components.

Who we are

The Brovedani Group comprises six companies and eight production plants. The company’s operations are based on shared ideas and consolidated values, which are the fruit of a corporate culture and a history dating back to 1947, when the initial company activity was launched in Pordenone. The Group’s main strengths are its organization and creativity, which are demonstrated by the innumerable innovative solutions applied in the field of B2B precision mechanics, as regards both the conception of the product and also the parallel and inter-functional conception of the production processes and their industrialization.

This innovative spirit has been a major factor in the growing success of the Brovedani Group, which today is a strategic supplier to multinational corporations including Bosch, Continental, Denso, Delphi, Eaton, Hidria, Hitachi, Marelli, Mahle, Sanden, Thyssenkrupp and many others. With the integration of the Fre Tor group, Brovedani has become the “one-stop” solution for companies seeking innovative solutions to problems in the area of mechanics (from automation to components), not only in the automotive sector but also in markets such as medicine, furniture production, eyewear, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

Technologies and Solutions

The Group can draw on advanced systems of production and control for the large-scale production of mechanical components, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and technological specialization. Advanced engineering services also make it possible for us to develop dedicated processes and products by means of the design and construction of special made-to-measure machinery, automation systems, machines for automatic visual and dimensional monitoring and integrated multiple technologies, always developing fruitful partnerships and applying a problem-solving approach to the requirements of the client.

Brovedani Group
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