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The AGV programming to facilitate the work to the logistics personnel to the production and assembly areas.
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Installation of a work island enslaved by collaborative Robot, extremely flexible.
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Visual inspection and robot guide
Some processes have been optimized in the production flow by inserting of a robotic cell with a fast and intuitive robot guide, which interfaces with the pre and post line.
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Pallet line for assembly and test of water pump
Complete turnkey plant for welding, turning, bush assembly and control of a pump impeller, with full mastery of the process by the customer, with respect for centesimal tolerances.
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Liquid filtration
The storage of the components in a humidity controlled environment was re-evaluated, an ad hoc system for mixing the filtering powders.
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Unloaders for enjection molding presses
Automatic unloading from injection molding machine, equipped with a Cartesian manipulator and an assembly and measurement control device with linear transducer.
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100% inspection
Multi-position rotary table with loading through robot, which picks up the component from a bowl feeder, connected to an inspection system with robot guide.
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Robot cell
Robot cell for assembling pipe, automatic selection fitting, automatic insertion o-ring, sealing tests and dimensional control.
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200 m2 of automated process
The line is connected upstream with a profiling machine that makes one of the components.
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14 components, 148 groups and 2 seconds of cycle time
Entire customized production line consisting of 3 rotary tables, 2 transfers, 1 fast pallet line, 3 loading / unloading robots at the end of the line; 20 pick & place components with unloading robot.
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Traceability, Control and Quality
A complete automation of: 2 anthropomorphic robots, a rotating table, a vision system.
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Frame 1
Bending press
Bending press for tablets or fronts of acetate eyeglasses.
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Frame 2 PLC
High frequency heater
Evenly heats the heart of the plastic material before the shaping, with the possibility of choosing both the timing and the specific part.
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Frame 3 Double
Rotary heater for temples
It is a device for heating metal or plastic temples, equipped with at least twelve loading positions on two levels, and a temperature range from 0° to 85°C.
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Frame 4
Quartz heater
A quartz heater with controlled temperature for heating the surface of fronts.
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Frame 5
Temple tips bending press
The temples can have different sizes and thicknesses and special blocks with ESS reproduce the required design.
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Frame 6
Front bending press with 2 working head
It’s equipped with a digital touch screen panel and PLC for visualization of production batches.
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Frame 7
Ultrasonic hinge inserting machine
Realized in order to insert the hinges into the plastic front, flat-shaped, or curved, through a special ultrasound system.
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Frame 8
Depth milling machine for temples and fronts
The spindle allows you to install cutters of different sizes and loader wich is adjustable to fit different sizes and thicknesses.
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Frame 9
Semi-automatic screwing machine
Automatically performs the task of positioning and tightening of rods and frames. The screws are fed through a circular vibrator to the point of withdrawal.
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Frame 10
Semi-automatic calendering machine
Gives the external curvature on eyeglasses even if the hinge is already inserted into the temple. It is not necessary to warm it.
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Frame 11
Core temple shooting machine
Inserts metal cores in acetate strips or shaped rods heated in the middle using a configurable high frequency system.
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M2G / E
Automatic lens cutting machine
The patented processing system foresees a single bakelite template, which can be easily replaced, thus ensuring perfect shaping for both pieces.
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Stars CNC
Automatic lens-cutting machine
An evolution of the traditional M2G/E, preserving and improving the quality.
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Genius CNC
Automatic lens cutter machine
This very flexible and versatile machine allows you to manage lenses B4/B6/B8/B9/B12 allows cutting, radial drilling and polishing the edge of both lenses and masks.
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Smart CNC
Automatic lens cutting machine
This machine has been designed to eliminate costly storage times of cut lenses before mounting them on the front.
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