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14 components, 148 groups and 2 seconds of cycle time

Entire customized production line.


Make the cost of the single gearmotor more competitive, assemble it, code it, test it electrically with a single production line. Manage availability to kanban through the supervisor and the connection to the company management system


Entire customized production line consisting of 3 rotary tables, 2 transfers, 1 fast pallet line, 3 loading / unloading robots at the end of the line; 20 pick & place components with Scara robot. Automation of the entire process and reduced processing times, production capacity increased to 1.9 seconds per piece, tripling it compared to semi-automatic production. The line carries out electrical control tests at 230V on 32 motors at a time, checks the direction of rotation of the gearmotor, checks the ramp speed based on Hz, checks for short-circuits.


  • Waste reduction;
  • increase in production volumes;
  • control and improvement of the production process;
  • product traceability;
  • staff retraining.

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