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Frame 3 Double
Rotary heater for temples

It is a device for heating metal or plastic temples.

It is a device for heating metal or plastic temples, equipped with at least twelve loading positions on two levels, and a temperature range from 0° to 85°C.

It was designed and built in order to allow the assembled glasses to stay longer inside the heater and so they can be heated more evenly and stabilize the memory of the fold done.

The lights Led placed on each level helps the operator to understand which position must be loaded and which position must be taken.

Technical features

Dimensions (LxPxH mm): 590x330x635

Weight (Kg): 20

Voltage (V): 230

Phases: F+N+T

Absorption (A): 2,2

Frequency (Hz): 50

Power (Kw):0,5

Control voltage (V): 24 Vdc

Operating pressure (Bar): 5

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