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Frame 7
Ultrasonic hinge inserting machine

Realized in order to insert the hinges into the plastic front.

Realized in order to insert the hinges into the plastic front, flat-shaped, or curved, through a special ultrasound system.

This machine is equipped with software that allows you to select and store different types of processing.
The processing is carried out in two phases: drilling and insertion of the hinge.

The drilling operation which can also be excluded, is via an electric spindle that performs the seat (holes and slots) of the size / shape desired.

The insert operation is done by loading the hinge on the sonotrode, which melts it into the plastic material using ultrasound. You can also use the hinges with Teflon: the system does not damage them.

The position and depth of insertion of the hinge and the corresponding seat are adjustable by turning the micrometer screws.

The double support allows you to fix the front for insertion of right and left hinges simultaneously.
Can be fitted with FLS ( Fre Tor Link System ) connected via wi-fi tablet customized.

Technical features

Dimensions (LxPxH mm): 720x780x1850

Weight (Kg): 150

Voltage (V): 230

Phases: F+N+T

Absorption (A): 6,5

Frequency (Hz): 50

Power (Kw): 1,5

Control voltage (V): 24Vdc

Operating pressure (Bar): 6

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FRAME 7 fixtures

  • Customized sonotrode;
  • Fixture plate for fronts.


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