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Our conduct
is guided by
your values.

What we believe in.

We work as a team: Even when we work individually, we work as a team. Each worker carries out their specific tasks in harmony with their co-workers, which guarantees the quality and completeness of their work.

Personal growth: Each one of us encourages our colleagues to use their abilities to the maximum in order to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Continuous improvement: It is our belief that experience is a critical value and that we can learn from any errors that may occur. Any error must be pinpointed and a solution adopted that prevents its recurrence.

Quality of the work environment : It is our belief that the the satisfaction of working at Fre Tor augments the satisfaction of our clients. The well-being of our workers is improved by listening to their individual concerns and needs, by the sharing of projects, by understanding their concerns and providing mutual support in case of need.

Partnerships: We are at all times open to long-term collaboration agreements with research institutes and suppliers who can help us to achieve our goals in a differentiated manner and to reduce our clients’ costs and times. The criteria we adopt adopt in agreeing these partnerships must be oriented to the future.